Blood angels captain

Reecius here to give an example Blood Angels list and explain how to use it, too. As always, check the Tactics Corner for more great articles and ideas. So first of all, you may want to check out the Codex review I wrote to understand some of what I am talking about. Now, this is also what works for me. So, a Brigade which is my favorite way to play but also a great way to play Blood Angels.

The reason being that they really want a lot of CP to do their tricks. You will burn through most of them on the first two turns, much like with a hard hitting Chaos list.

In order to do that, you need to fill out the troops, fast and heavy slots. The Scouts give you incredible utility and board control and with Red Thirst can hit pretty hard in melee, too. Scout Bikers have absurd damage output for their points, are crazy fast and have a fun stratagem, too.

These are two of my favorite units in 8th ed 40k right now. The Devastator Squads are there to fill the heavy slots cheaply, block out your backfield and hold objectives. Three units of five 32mm based models like Devs, can fairly effectively block out nearly all of your deployment zone from enemy outflankers and deep-strikers if you spread them out.

The HQ selections are there for a very specific purpose. Plus, if you make him your Warlord, he has a fearless aura and triggers the Heirs of Azkaellon rule on the Sanguinary Guardgiving them a full re-roll on shooting and melee. The Fearless aura is actually quite good for them as the Death Company take heavy casualties and it saves you from burning 2 CP to keep them from losing models to morale. Lastly, my main man: Captain Smashface! By giving him the Death Visions of Sanguinius strat and all of the multitude of ways to increase their attacks, he hits like a Mack truck.

Also, the sneaky part is that he can use the Forlorn Fury stratagem to move up the field before the game begins. This puts him in position to assault with the units coming in from reserves and cause all kinds of disruption.

He can take out a Super Heavy Tank by himself in one fight phase if you pump enough resources into him! If you opt for him to be the Warlord he opens up a lot of options with the opportunity to get an increased FnP save through Gift of Foresight, more damage with Artisan of War, or the Fearless aura if you need it, too.

If he is your Warlord though, you want to try to keep him near the Sanguinary Guard if possible but often he ends up going off on his own. You always have Lemartes to give them re-rolls in melee, too, if needs be. In all, this single model can do so much for you, and adapt on the fly, he is too good to pass up on. If you play smart with him he can cause massive disruption but if your opponent can get a bead on him, he goes down pretty quick. Lastly, he is no slouch in combat and as he is one of the only Banner Bearers with a Jump Pack, he fits in with the rest of the force extremely well as he keeps up and can Deep-Strike with his buddies.

Death Company are there to plow the road. They go for maximum damage! You want to use their Bolters to clear a gap behind your opponents first screen if at all possible, and then assault over the first screen and into any gaps behind them that you can exploit and engage as many enemy units as you safely can, calculating how much overwatch and counter attack you can endure with enough of your Death Company to hit again with. Your objective is to clear the road as much as is possible and you will almost certainly be using the Honour the Chapter stratagem to go at it, again.

You are going to take a lot of damage in the process and it is a rare game the Death Company survive. It is good to note that the Scout Bikers are also excellent at clearing chaff and if you need them to assist the Death Company in their job, they will do so with flying colors. It is important to know when to use that and when to use Forlorn Fury to move up the field and when to just start on the table.

Wave 2, and equally as deadly if not more so are the Sanguinary Guard.Through the dark sorceries of Chaos, the undiluted rage of the Blood Angels gained sentience, giving birth to the vile creature known as the Red Angel.

Initially, Meros was a simple line- Astartes of solid, if unremarkable service. But later on, during the opening days of the Heresy, his fate would become inextricably intertwined with that of his Legion and his Primarch Sanguinius during the Signus Campaign. It is said that Horus hated and feared Sanguinius more than any of his brothers and wove many strategies to ensnare or slay him, though all failed.

In an effort to weaken and divide the Loyalist forces, the Warmaster charged the Blood Angels Legion with the arduous task of cleansing the Signus Cluster -- a triple star system of the Segmentum Ultima near to the galactic centre. Sanguinius' Legion was ordered to cleanse the 7 worlds and 15 moons of the Signus Cluster of xenos invaders and release the humans thereon from their xenos-overlords.

Unaware of the Warmaster's perfidy, Sanguinius willingly obeyed his brother Primarch and immediately set out for this volatile region of space.

blood angels captain

Unbeknownst to the Blood Angels, they were blindly walking into a deadly trap, for the Signus Cluster had fallen prey to agents of the Ruinous Powers and become a veritable Realm of Chaos -- a system of hellish Daemon Worlds under the rule of a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh known as Kyriss the Perverse. Rising to the challenge of the vile Greater Daemon, the Blood Angels Legion attacked the daemon host of Kyrisslaunching a series of attacks across the seat of the daemon's power, the world of Signus Prime.

The Primarch spearheaded the Blood Angels' assault on the Greater Daemon's seat of power, known as the Cathedral of the Mark, to confront and destroy Kyriss and reclaim the planet in the name of the Emperor. When the Primarch was struck down by Ka'bandhaa Greater Daemon of Khornethe Blood Angels were consumed by a black rage that drove them into a berserker's fury as they charged into the daemonic horde. In their madness they smashed the horde of daemons asunder. A small cadre of former Librarians used their combined psychic abilities to heal their Primarch and wake him from his dark torpor, bringing him back from the edge of the abyss.

The Angel finally arrived to confront both Kyriss and Ka'bandha. The Bloodthirster and Sanguinius fought once more, but ultimately, the Primarch prevailed and cast the Greater Daemon back into the Warp. The Blood Angels then discovered the source of the rage that had infected their entire Legion. The Dark Apostle Erebus had created a fell device, a psychic construct known as the Ragefire, which contained and was powered by the half-dead body of Captain Tagas, the former Captain of the Blood Angels' th Company, who had been presumed killed in action on the world of One-Forty-Twenty, the planet called Murder by all the Space Marines who had fought there several standard years earlier.

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Through the use of the dark sorceries of Chaosthe Word Bearers had created a conduit of undiluted rage that consumed nearly the entirety of the Blood Angels Legion. Driven to uncontrollable rage over their fallen Primarch, the Forces of Chaos hoped that the Blood Angels would lose control of their noble aspect, and willingly give themselves over to the Scarlet Path and the worship of the Blood God Khorne.

Blood Angels 1st Company

In bloody defeat, Kyriss the Perverse offered Sanguinius a foul deal: if the Primarch would willingly take the place of the half-dead Tagas within the psychic construct and give himself fully to the Ragefire, he would ensure that his sons would never again be affected by the genetic curse of the Red Thirst. The Primarch seriously contemplated the daemon's offer and finally came to the conclusion that this sacrifice was worth it to save his beloved sons.

But before Sanguinius could enter the construct, Meros made the decision for him, and leapt into the suspended crystal lattice. Sanguinius threw himself into the air in an effort to save his errant son, but was too late. The Apothecary committed the act without uncertainty, for he knew it was right. The Angel could not fall. When Meros had met the future Blood Angels Sergeant Rafen of the late 41 st Millennium in the dreamscape of their joint healing blood-sleep through the timeless power of the Warp, the Blood Angel from the future had said a name, a warning.

Only at that moment did Meros fully understand. Sanguinius had to live, in order to meet the Arch-Traitor Horus on equal footing. When the terrible confrontation finally came, the Angel had to be there to face him, brother against brother. Before Meros stepped into the swirling vortex of undiluted rage, he forcibly and painfully used his cutter to open a jagged tear through the layers of ceramite and flesh beneath. Using the Reductor on his gauntlet's Nartheciumhe guided the device as it bore through his skin, and removed his own Progenoid Glands.

The device sucked the nodules of gene-rich tissue into a reservoir pod, sealed within for preservation. Meros' bequest to his Legion now lay secured. Detaching the medicae module from his armour he tossed it towards his Primarch, who snatched it out of the air, and requested that Sanguinius take it, so that something of him would live on.Cyrene was my home. But when the need was evident, I did not hesitate to contact the Inquisition.

By my hand Cyrene burned. The innocents who died to ensure Cyrene's secrets were sealed beneath ash still haunt me to this day. But I have no regret in this.

How to paint Blood Angels!

The threats to mankind are eternal and ever-present, an ocean sinking for every draft in the dam. Cyrene's secrets now live solely with me, and so shall they die with me. As I travel there now to face the monstrosity that was once our Chapter Master, I am confident by this much.

blood angels captain

Whether I am victorious or slain, my sins will know retribution. Savior of Tartarus, bane of the Black Legion, servant of the Emperor. Angelos has been responsible for some of the most notable events in the Blood Ravens' recent history, including the battles against the Forces of Chaos on TartarusLorn V and and the defeat of a splinter Tyranid Hive Fleet and Chaos invasion of the Sub-sector Aurelia of the Korianis Sector, the Chapter's primary recruiting grounds for new Blood Ravens Neophytes.

Angelos and his faction of the Blood Ravens managed to defeat those Blood Ravens elements led by Kyras who had fallen to Chaos, saving the settled worlds of the Sub-sector Aurelia from a regional Exterminatus order at the hands of the Ordo Hereticus ' Inquisitor Adrastia.

However, he carries a guilty conscience for destroying his homeworld of Cyrene in an Exterminatus action and agonises over this part of his past continuously, though he rarely speaks of it to others.

Only his fellow Battle-Brothers of the Blood Ravens truly understand his feelings on the matter. However, over time, his disdain for them gradually lessened as he realised the Aeldari of the Craftworlds and his Chapter shared a common goal.

Like many of the Blood Ravens, Gabriel was born on the planet of Cyrenefrom whence the Chapter often drew its Neophytes. He had grown up on Cyrene with the Blood Ravens' Librarian Isador Akioswhom he trusted above all other Battle-Brothers in the Chapter because of their childhood friendship. Unfortunately, during the Blood Ravens' campaign on the planet TartarusAkios was corrupted by an agent of Chaos and later betrayed his longtime friend and the entire Chapter.

Gabriel was an accomplished leader of his peers before he even entered his teen years, and passed the Blood Trials set by the Blood Ravens Chaplains as an Aspirant. Many standard years later, with an entire company of Blood Ravens under his command, Gabriel returned to Cyrene, to preside over the Blood Trials and recruit new members into the Chapter.

But Gabriel found something very wrong during the trials, and cut them short. He quickly returned to his Strike Cruiserand sent a coded signal out of the system. Within solar months of the signal's transmission, ships of the Inquisition 's Ordo Malleus and the Imperial Navy appeared over Cyrene, executing an Exterminatus order bombarding it for a solar week straight with Cyclonic Torpedoes until nothing on the planet remained alive.

All records of the incident, and Gabriel's message to the Inquisition, have been sealed, but Gabriel himself carried the guilt of his actions with him forevermore, particularly during the battles fought on the planet Tartarus.

The reason for Gabriel's guilt was simple. When the Imperial fleet had arrived in orbit above Cyrene, it had first despatched a full Brotherhood of the Grey Knightsalongside a detachment of Storm Troopers and the Blood Ravens already present to cleanse the suspected Chaos infestation.

But what they discovered was not the usual forms of Chaos corruption but a world in the midst of a great cultural change, ready to throw off the shackles of the Imperial Creed and embrace forbidden ideas such as planetary democracy, free trade with xenos species, and allowing psykers to practice their powers unrestricted while living among the population without stigma or being handed over to the Black Ships.

Gabriel assisted the Grey Knights, the Imperial Guardsmen and his brethren as they began to cleanse the world of its Hereticsbut he ordered one squad of Blood Ravens led by Sergeant Ulrey to search for one individual in particular -- his father, Esmond Angelos.

A former soldier of the Astra MilitarumGabriel believed that his father would always have remained a staunch defender of the Emperor's values no matter what insanity the rest of Cyrene had chosen to embrace. He intended to find his father and rescue him before the inevitable claimed Cyrene. But to his utter shock, when he finally located his father, he learned that Esmond not only supported the growing rebellion against the Imperium, but was recognised as one of the foremost leaders of the movement for political change.

Esmond had come to despise the Imperium for many reasons, but the fact that his own son had been claimed as a Space Marine was high atop his list of grievances. Esmond cursed Gabriel for having become the Emperor's butcher and declared that he wished his son had died in childbirth with his mother rather than serve the immoral cause of the Imperium.

Realising that his homeworld was lost in the sight of the Emperor, Gabriel whispered a final prayer for Cyrene and then executed the Heretic who had once been his father with a bolt to the head. The remaining Imperial forces withdrew and the world was subjected to Exterminatus before its dangerous ideas could infect any more of the Emperor's domain. It was on the forsaken world of Tartarus that Gabriel was to undergo the true test of his limits, as he had to both stall an unstoppable Ork invasion long enough to evacuate the Imperial citizens from the planet, while simultaneously seeking out and eradicating the forces of the Alpha Legion 's Chaos Space Marines on the planet, led by the Chaos Lord Bale and the Chaos Sorcerer Sindri Myr.The Space Marines are the steadfast heroes of the Imperium.

By their martial prowess and valor is Mankind preserved from extinction at the hands of a galaxy filled with unimaginable terrors. As one of the oldest and most revered of all Space Marine Chapters, the Blood Angels have stood at the forefront of humanity's defense for over ten thousand years.

blood angels captain

With bolter and chainsword they hold the foes of Mankind at bay in an unending battle for survival. Yet the Blood Angels are touched by a terrible flaw that threatens to undo their endless centuries of heroism, a dark madness that only strength of will can hope to contain. The Blood Angels are the masters of war in all its forms, but they excel in the savage arena of close assault above all others. Every Battle-Brother feels the lure of hand-to-hand combat boiling in his blood - only eye-to-eye and blade-to-blade with the foe can the dark beast within the Chapter's collective soul be given full reign.

Caution is not the Blood Angels' way, and it cannot be yours. Assault Squads, Death Company, Sanguinary Guard - these are the spearhead of your host, but the rest of the army must follow close behind.

Stormraven Gunships roar over the battlefield, bringing fresh troops into the maelstrom. Tactical Squads make their implacable advance, heavy weapons fire scouring the bastions of the foe, and tanks spur forward to spit death at the enemy from point blank range. The Blood Angels are an army fit only for the boldest of generals.

Do you have what it takes to lead them to victory? Please note that Blood of Baal does not invalidate existing stratagems the way that Codex Space Marine did, at least not until we get a FAQ saying otherwise. Sanguinary This contains 2 worse-than-Smite Mortal Wounds powers, 2 buffs for a target Blood Angels unit within 12", and 2 buffs that are self-only, meaning you shouldn't ever need more than one librarian for buffing and one for being its own beatstick.

These powers can only be used by Vanguard Librarians. They don't do much damage, but god damn can they fuck with your enemy. Tenebrous Curse and Mind Raid are easy to cast and excellent for damaging and trapping or even finishing off enemy characters - free choice of targets unlike Smite1MW each, and either halve all movement or generate CP in the process.

Considering most regular HQs clock in at 5W, a successful psychic phase with only one Phobos Libby means they're down to 3W and too slow to pull away. And no one tries to rush down the center with a beatstick that's half dead and moving at a snail's pace, making this a good deterrent.

Like psychic powers, you cannot spam the same litany even if several chaplains know it, but they are chanted at the beginning of the battle round and remain active until the end of it. This also means a Chaplain won't have an active litany on the turn he deepstrikes, as he can't chant while not on the table. The same rules apply if he rides a transport, so you'll need to come up with other ways to make him fast, like putting him on a bike.

As is tradition, named characters have their traits statically assigned. Available only to Phobos charactersaka the tacticool Captain, Lieutenant and Librarian found in the Shadowspear box. Chaplains can suck it because yelling catechisms isn't stealthy. It's been a long time coming, but holy shit, was it worth it. Most of our Relics are fucking rad!Hello, fellow wargamers! Check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! One of the new, big changes for Astartes of all stripes in 8th Edition 40k was the inclusion of lieutenants.

The role may be the same, but the playstyle does not necessarily have to be. Lieutenants have some important roles in a Blood Angels army. First off, they are unnamed characters. Characters are a big deal in Blood Angels forces, and often you get the most bang for your buck on named characters like Mephiston and Lemarteswhich means if you want to get use out of some of the Relics of Baal, then you need other characters. Due to their lack of mobility, I rarely use Primaris in this role.

However, list building is only one part of the puzzle. Blood Angels excel in assault, and your assault elements are the ones who will gain the most benefit out of his rules.

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Anyone with power fists or thunder hammers particularly love this re-roll, but even units like Death Company can benefit from this rule when combined with characters like a Sanguinary Priest. So, here we are. The Blood Angels Captain has put Captains back on the map.

The price point is pretty cheap too, and all in all this is an incredibly versatile HQ choice definitely worth your consideration. He comes in all the standard variants terminator, Primaris, etc. Captain TychoStill Lost. I will admit some surprise that Captain Tycho stayed in the Codex.

Speaking competitively, Tycho has relatively little to offer. His combi-melta is cool and useful, provided you can get him in range. Commander Dante. The man, the myth, the legend, and what is the mystery?

The melta pistol adds to his lethality, albeit at close range. If I had to pin it to anything, there are 2 things that stand out the most. The second is that his re-roll is better suited to ranged armies, which are contrary to the Blood Angels strengths. His synergies are redundant with so many other abilities, such as chaplains like Lemartes letting key assault units re-roll. That said, Dante is an excellent character assassin, and if you are bringing him, this role suits him amazingly well.

For me, it was a Land Raider, 2 Vindicators, some characters, and a flyer in the same game. And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!

Tags: blood angels captain commander Strategy tactica. Agree with pretty much everything. Where I think Dante might have a role in a BA assault army is if you take a bunch of Inceptors, particularly the plasma ones.They are strength. They are nobility. They are the Blood Angels, and I say to you there are no more loyal or determined servants of the Emperor alive today.

They are well-known across the galaxy for their bloodthirsty nature in battle, and feared for the curse of flawed gene-seed they carry. The Blood Angels are amongst the longest-living of the Adeptus Astarteswith some of the Chapter's Space Marines having served the Emperor of Mankind for over a thousand standard years. Due to recent events, the Blood Angels' numbers were severely depleted. Under the threat of extinction, and in order to quickly replenish their numbers, the Blood Angels were forced to ask their kindred Successor Chapters from subsequent Astartes Foundings for a tithe of warriors from the related Chapters' pools of Neophytestheir candidate Space Marines.

With these tithes of new recruits, and the recent arrival of the Primaris Space Marines during the Indomitus Crusadethe Blood Angels were able to replenish their losses, though they still face a time of trial like none the Chapter has known since the days of the Horus Heresy.

The Blood Angels are the noble descendants of that most puissant and angelic of the Primarchs -- Sanguinius.

Blood Angels List and Tactics

They are perhaps one of the most celebrated Chapters in the entire Imperiumtheir countless heroic deeds and victories known to untold billions of the Emperor's subjects across the length and breadth of the galaxy. The beauteous, angelic visages of the Chapter's heroes adorn Gothic facades and stained glass windows in a million holy basilicas, and their portraits gaze serenely from endlessly copied and much cherished illuminated tomes.

Yet, hidden from the multitudes, the Blood Angels harbour a terrible curse. From that day forth, every Blood Angel has been tormented by visions of the last moment of Sanguinius.

blood angels captain

The older the Space Marine gets, the more frequent and debilitating such waking nightmares become. Should he not fall in battle, every Blood Angel will one day become so consumed by these soul-searing visions that he will descend into a madness in which he must witness the death of Sanguinius over and over again, ever unable to intervene as the Warmaster enacts his vile treachery.

The very inevitability of their curse ennobles the Battle-Brothers of the Blood Angels, driving them ever onwards to a glorious death in the name of the Emperor and their Primarch. Where lesser men might have surrendered to the dark urgings to shed the blood of the enemies of the Emperor, the Blood Angels have remained pure and noble for ten thousand standard years. Despite this, the Chapter is dying, for each year ever more of its brethren succumb to the so-called Red Thirst -- the desire to rend limb from limb those responsible for the death of Sanguinius, and by extension every enemy of the Emperor.

The death of Sanguinius represents one of the most perfidious and tragic moments of the Horus Heresy, for he died at the hands of his brother-Primarch, the Arch-traitor Horus. Although some say that the sacrifice weakened the Warmaster just enough to allow the Emperor to later defeat him at the climax of the Battle of Terrathe death of Sanguinius is mourned to this day, and felt keenly by the Blood Angels, in whose veins his blood still pumps.

When war calls and blood is spilled, the Blood Angels are gripped by a fury born of the last moments of their Primarch's life. For some, the thirst is too great and they are entirely overcome by what is called the Black Ragecursed to end their days reliving their beloved Primarch's death over and over again.

The beatific Sons of Sanguinius are known and celebrated across the Imperium, representations of the greatest heroes of the Blood Angels carved in marble, painted in oils, and sewn in tapestries in a million cloisters and more.

Their angel-winged Primarch is an object of veneration on countless worlds, his perfect visage gazing down on the faithful with a mixture of benevolence and pity.

The Blood Angels are the inheritors of Sanguinius, and they bring death from above to the enemies of the Emperor. The Chapter seeks the beauty of perfection in all it does, and in one particular field of warfare surpasses all other practitioners. They employ an entirely new pattern of vehicle of mysterious origins: the Stormraven gunship.

This vessel appears as a lighter cousin of the Thunderhawk, and while its smaller size means it carries less weaponry and a smaller troop capacity, it greatly makes up for this in speed and manoeuvrability. While the Adeptus Mechanicus took several standard centuries to examine and debate the use of the Standard Template Construct imprint of the gunship, the Blood Angels saw its worth immediately, and set about introducing it into their armoury.

Lately, the Chapter's Forge has been able to perfect its fabrication methods to such an extent that the gunship is now being used throughout the entire force. While the gunship is only just beginning to enter service in other Astartes Chapters, the Blood Angels are already masters of its use, and they have refined methods of aerial assault others are just beginning to learn.

The Blood Angels' doctrine of aerial assault culminates in savage close combat. Whether they are delivered into battle by Thunderhawk or Stormraven gunship, or in the troop bay of an armoured transport such as a RhinoRazorback or Land Raiderthe Blood Angels are all but peerless in their mastery of close assault. This is in part because the gene-seed of Sanguinius grants his sons an incredibly long life span even for Space Marines, during which endless solar hours of practise and countless battles hone their skills to perfection.

Yet, the Blood Angels are not driven towards the fury of close assault by tactical necessity or battlefield doctrine alone.Within the Chapter, the 2nd Company is renowned for its purity both in mind and body, and of all of the companies theirs is among the least prone to mass instances of the Black Rage.

The Blooded embody the perfection of Sanguinius in both word and deed and, when unleashed upon the battlefield by their commander, strive to live up to their Primarch 's glorious example. In recent years, the star of Captain Aphael has been very much on the rise. Master of the Watch and commander of the Blood Angels' 2nd Company, Aphael has won himself countless commendations for victories against seemingly impossible odds.

An exceptional battlefield commander and exemplar to his Battle-Brothers, Aphael's perfect features hide a tormented soul. All Blood Angels wrestle with the Red Thirsttheir skill in battle and tempered aggression rightly interwoven with the genetic flaw that slumbers in their flesh. Before his Blooding, Aphael was on a path often dictated by the Red Thirst.

In almost every battle the blood rage robbed him of his senses, sending him howling into his foes. Each time the captain had been able to claw himself back from the edge of madness, but each time the recovery grew harder. Perhaps this was why Aphael was placed in command of the 2nd Company, as Lord Commander Dante recognised a great leader in Donatos and was loath to lose him to the ravages of the Red Thirst. Fortunately, the Chapter Master's faith was well-founded, and in time Donatos would rise to the occasion, with the responsibility of leadership and the sacrosanct traditions of the Blooded to guide him.

However, it remains a fine line between control and madness, one Aphael must face whenever he leads his brothers to battle. Under his leadership, The Blooded have known many great victories over the enemies of the Emperorand in recent years Dante has come to favour the 2nd Company for those war zones of greatest importance to the Chapter.

It was Aphael and The Blooded that were despatched when the mineral-rich Grimmok Sector was invaded by the expansionist armies of the T'au Empire.

Erasmus Tycho

On worlds of ash and sand, the Blood Angels 2nd Company fought a war of attack and counterattack, striking the xenos in swift and bloody ambushes and withdrawing before the T'au could muster their full might.

The alien commanders came to believe Aphael's force was much larger than the hundred Space Marines present in actuality, the smoking fields of dead Fire Warriors and gutted Devilfish left in their wake seemingly the work of a massive army of the Imperium.

For five long solar months The Blooded blunted the advance of the Tau armies into the Grimmok Sector, ripping apart the xenos piece by piece until their leaders acknowledged that their losses were unsustainable and their countermeasures ineffective, and ultimately retreated before the might of the Blood Angels. Despite his strong, youthful appearance, Captain Aphael is a veteran of countless bloody campaigns and bitter wars.

When Aphael and the Blooded fought alongside the Astral Knights against the Necron World Enginethe captain gained a new hatred for the ancient aliens.

Victory came only when the Astral Knights sacrificed themselves to destroy the xenos space station, and Aphael was among those that would call for the creation of a monument to the fallen Chapter and their sacrifice. The Battle-Brothers present that day recall the cold rage in their captain's eyes as the shattered remains of the Astral Knights' Battle Barge were driven into the ash wastes of Safehold as a towering tombstone to the vanquished Chapter.

Aphael is possessed of boundless strength, energy and dynamism.

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He values the life of every single servant of the Emperor, be they Space Marine, Adeptus Mechanicus cyborg, or unaugmented human soldier, and will fight with everything he has to preserve and defend them.

Aphael is charismatic in the extreme, from his angelic features and noble humility to his exceptional skills as an orator -- his words lift even the most desperate and defeated of warriors, filling their hearts with new courage and a determination to do the Emperor's will.

It is Aphael's sheer force of personality, his optimism and hope as much as the words he speaks, that rouse his followers to new heights of heroism.

More than one seemingly doomed fight has been won at the last by the impassioned rhetoric and heroic deeds of Captain Aphael.

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Aphael's skills in combat are every bit as great as his words. Aphael is a skilled swordsman and an excellent shot, but if his century and a half of battlefield experience has taught him anything, it is that personal heroics -- while grand and often crucial to victory -- cannot match the might of an army of exceptionally trained and equipped warriors acting as one.

Aphael has drilled his Battle Company to perfection. The captain watches over every aspect of his Battle-Brothers' lives, ensuring that not only are they exceptionally well drilled for combat, but that their spiritual focus is absolute and their command theoreticals are of the highest standard.

Every Space Marine Battle Company is a highly trained and elite force, but the Blooded stand out as exceptional even by these standards. Aphael claims with confidence that, should he and his lieutenants fall in battle, any given warrior from amongst his ranks could rise to take command of the company at a moment's notice. It is, furthermore, an undeniable fact that the 2nd Company suffers the fewest instances of both the Red Thirst and the Black Rage of any Blood Angels Company save the 1st.

All of these qualities stood The Blooded in good stead upon the battlefields of the world of Amethal, allowing them to shrug off the pernicious influence of Chaos and discharge their duties with flawless skill and heroism. At the heart of the 2nd Company's force stood its Tactical Squadseach equipped to deal with a variety of enemies and capable of facing any strategic challenge without hesitation.

Each Battle-Brother amongst these squads was a warrior seasoned by many solar decades of battle in the Emperor's name. They were versatile and deadly sons of the Angel, whose dedication to obliterating the Chaos threat was total.

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