Epg data offline

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You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. I started using this when MS stopped providing an epg for Windows Media Center, and it's working great with minimal effort on my part.

There are options I'd like to understand better or tweaks I might like, but I'm pretty sure I'll never follow up on them because recording a tv show shouldn't feel like a job. Thanks for doing all the work so I didn't have to! Great tool for cheap bastards like me. It took several trial and error sessions to finally get my XMLTV file successfully converted into an MDX file, but now that I've figured that out, I just created a scheduled task in Windows to do all the work for me on a weekly basis.

This program saved me from infitie anxiety Rovi appears to have ceased automatic Updates with WMC And a message saying Rovi terminates June 27 hours. I love WMC. The problem I had with the setup is that the TVGuide file in the AppData file of Windows associated the file with another program which has nothing to do Freeware video converter.

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But I had chosen WMC as the import program Now, for the automatic task scheduler through windows, it would be nice if it would be integrated to your software, because I cannot yet get it to work with the EPG Collector Thank you. Very nice software that just does it's job without fuss.

Fast and helpful responses to issues from the Developer - something to be thankful for. Absolutely superb, has completed my home theatre system and pretty easy to use!

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SOLVED: Fix Media Center Guide Listings that show "No Data Available"

Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. RoverTheDog Registered. I had a test sub with bad EPG but the guy fixed it the next day. My current provider has a sparse EPG but doesnt seem to know how to, or cant be bothered to get it running. Is it possible if easy enough that I could do it from my end, or is it down to the supplier end?

If its supplier end, is it easy enough so I can let the supplier know how? Redlord58 Registered. RoverTheDog said:. Is there a specific video you mean on soloman, or just in general? I've had a look around on his vids and cant see anything guiding towards getting the epg working on the app. Your epg is covered by your iptv provider. I have full epg through my guy on the smart app,He is just another reseller i expect.

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When I get the m3u link from my provider I need to get one called m3u with options, not sure if this is different between provides, basically if you open your m3u file in a notepad and it's just a channel name and link it probably won't have an epg.

To have the epg each channel has to have a link and an epg link.

epg data offline

Groundmediauk Registered. Uk and us I think you will find as standard on the app.One show this mornings EPG with some missing information. The other two are for Keeping Faith tonight at 9pm to 10pm. FrankLeigh junior member Joined: Apr '18 Posts: 9.

My unit receives all the information from the transmitter, it just doesn't retain it. It loses most of it after a while and then rebuilds the EPG, and this is repeated over and over again every day. I don't see how that can be blamed on the Crystal Palace transmitter.

The only thing I can think of is that the unit, after working ok for 3 months, developed a fault a month ago which remains unfixable by any advice to date from Humax Support. They've replied to my last email, telling me yet again to do a Factory Default reset.

epg data offline

I already told them I'd done that more than once and it didn't work, even after reducing the signal strength with an attenuator. I've emailed back to say I think the unit is faulty and asking them to confirm that this appears to be so. I shall then take it up with Humax Direct, who sold it to me, under the terms of the warranty.

But on form to date, Humax Support will send me an email suggesting a reset to Factory Default.

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JohnH77 special member Joined: Dec '15 Posts: I am guessing but I expect that if something is missing from the transmitted data, the original entry in the Humax EPG gets deleted, and replaced with No programme dataas the original in the EPG is different from what is being transmitted. Gaps in the EPG could be probably are?

Once the correct data is transmitted the EPG quickly picks it up. I think the Freeview standard requires that an EPG should be populated within a certain short time - minutes. The Humax should populate the entire EPG in 5 minutes or so. The thread then says that the Humax EPG cache is cleared each night. So, if the Humax is left in standby, and the cache is cleared while in standby, the EPG will then be empty and any scheduled recording will be lost. This is the reason for scheduling the Humax to come on for 15 minutes each day - it is more than enough time for the entire EPG to be populated.

It is presumably easy to see this - just put the Humax into standby with no recordings overnight. Look at the EPG when you bring it out of standby in the morning.

Similarly it is the reason why the Humax comes out of standby 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of a recording - it allows the box to catch the START signal when the program starts. I do not know what happens if a recording actually starts 20 minutes early - presumably if the Humax is in standby it will not record it.

Thank you, JohnH Your post is the first I've seen that has gone into this detail, and as a learner I'm grateful to you. I assumed that once the EPG was cached it couldn't be de-cached. I didn't know that it was updated continuously. I've had a very quick reply from Support asking me to complete the warranty form which they attached and to return it with proof of purchase, so they can arrange for a replacement unit to be sent by courier, who will also collect the old one.

So, I've done that.

Take Control of Your WMC Electronic Program Guide

I'll be interested to see how the new machine performs, because if it's an EPG transmission problem I don't see how a new unit will be any different.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. Thread starter BonzaiDuck Start date Jun 2, Sidebar Sidebar.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. BonzaiDuck Lifer. Jun 30, 14, Yes -- we know that the quality of the WMC guide-listing information has degraded. However, everything was still fine for showing scheduled programs -- all channels -- until yesterday.


I've done this many times without affecting anything else.On 24 SeptemberMicrosoft announced that they will retire their free electronic program guide service in January According to the announcement, in order to continue receiving TV Program Guide information on your Windows Media Center, you will need to configure an alternate TV listing provider. There are only a handful of programs capable of providing guide listings to Windows Media Center, but none can match the richness, accuracy, reliability, and support provided by the combination of EPG and Schedules Direct.

This will be a viable solution for users in Australia and New Zealand which are not covered by Schedules Direct. Australia and New Zealand are not yet supported. A Schedules Direct membership gives access to the wonderful guide data provided by Gracenote Nielsen for 53 countries. Not only will the guide listings be accurate, but they will also contain the below:.

There are a number of useful customizations available for the guide layout as well as some underlying WMC functions. Many Customizations There are a number of useful customizations available for the guide layout as well as some underlying WMC functions. Are you ready to take control of your guide?

Download Now.Do you want to build offline capabilities in your PowerApps app because your app users need to access some data or save some data even when they don't have the internet connection? This blog provides an example of building these offline capabilities in your PowerApps app. This article assumes that you already know the basic concepts of PowerApps like screens, controls, events, attributes, navigation etc.

We'll will use all these concepts in this tutorial. The offline feature area is still under development and is not optimized for every offline scenario today. The functions to SaveData to a local device and LoadData from that device work best in their current implementation over relatively small quantities of data e. However, using this feature to save large amounts of data e. Also, the functions do not automatically resolve merge conflicts when a device returns to connectivity from offline — configuration on what data is saved and how to handle reconnection is up to the maker when writing expressions.

We are working to expand the capabilities of offline apps to increase stability and size limits, and in the future to automatically handle decisions about what to save and how to handle conflicts. Stay tuned here and on the PowerApps blog for updates when they become available.

Note- I used CDS as the data source for my app. Offline implementation concepts will be same. First screen in this sample app is a cover page kind of screen.

If internet connection is available i. Note- I chose the option to do all this work in the OnSelect event of a button.

You are free to use a different approach like doing all this work in the OnStart event of the app or OnVisible event of the screen. Show the Title and Description fields in the gallery.

Your app is now ready to show data directly from the data source or local cache depending on the internet connection availability. Test it by first opening the app and seeing the gallery data with the internet connection on your phone. Close the app and now turn the phone in the airplane mode. You should see the issue list coming from Local Cache. You must use your mobile device to test that part.

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In the web editor, you might see the error for LoadData and SaveData. Please ignore that.The most successful EPG service! Over 72 registered accounts from all over the world! We are the first and simply the best Electronic Program Guide provider in the personal segment.

epg data offline

Everybody is trying to copy us! Some of them do it literally. The amount and details of our data is unreached by others, because we actually care and we actually know what we do. Are you tired figuring out what's next on your favorite TV channel? Do you always forget to update next week's program schedules manually? You are good to go! If you get a new channel, just add it to your existing list and within seconds you get the Guide for that channel too.

For our tutorial videos visit our YouTube page.

EPG data distribution format

New countries and channels are added continuously. Register for Free No Credit Card needed! Registration takes less, than 3 minutes! Try our non-binding five days free trial period! We will never ask for your credit card!

You don't have to choose a subscription plan upfront! If you like our service, you can subscribe to one of our affordable packages using PayPal. You will receive a link to your personalized XML file, which will contain all your data. We update your TV Channels daily and you'll have all the info you need for the next seven days!

We add new TV channels as soon as they are available.

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