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When adding a navigation menu to a webpage, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. For example where to position it, how to style it, how to make it responsive.

Or maybe you want to add some kind of animation to it tastefully, of course. At this point you might be tempted to grab a jQuery plugin which does most of that for you.

The final product will slide up out of your way as you scroll down the page, then slide back into view with a stylish see-through effect when you scroll back up. This is a technique used by such popular sites, such as Medium and Hacker Noon. The following is the skeleton HTML code that we will be working with. Nothing too exciting going on here. This is a wrapper around the navigation menu.

It is always sticky and slides to hide or reveal the navigation menu as you scroll your page vertically. We are giving it a z-index value to ensure that it appears on top of the content. This contains the navigation menu. Changes in position and background color are animated through the CSS transition property when a page is scrolled up or down.

This section will contain a background image and text. We will add a parallax effect to this part of the page in a later section of the article. The first thing we need to do is to attach an event handler to the scroll event, so that we can show and hide the menu accordingly when the user scrolls. This is initialized to 0 on page load. On page load this will be set to the value of window. When a user scrolls, newOffset will increase or decrease accordingly.

If it is greater than the value stored in bannerHeight then we know our menu has been scrolled out of view. Scrolling down will make newOffset greater than refOffset and the navigation menu should slide up and disappear. Scrolling up will make newOffset less than refOffset and the navigation menu should slide back into view with a see through effect. After performing this comparison, we will need update refOffset with the value of newOffset to keep track of how far the user has scrolled.

We can do this using the following CSS:. We should also make sure that the see-through effect is removed from the menu once the top of page is reached. This article has described how you can design an animated navigation menu in a few lines of code using just vanilla JavaScript — no jQuery needed.

The menu slides to disappear when you scroll down and slides back into view with a transparency effect when you scroll back up. This is done by monitoring the vertical scroll direction and applying CSS transformations to the DOM element as required.

20+ Awesome Sidebar CSS Menu Examples

Such a custom solution gives you more freedom to easily and flexibly design according to your own requirements and specifications. Want to up your JavaScript skills? This article was peer reviewed by Vildan Softic. Demo Here is a demo of the working menu. Conclusion This article has described how you can design an animated navigation menu in a few lines of code using just vanilla JavaScript — no jQuery needed.I lost number of counts for our articles dealing with sticky menu, toggle sidebar button and a number of other css menu examples.

Menu be it sidebar or header is one of the most important component in terms of navigation functionality and layout. Therefore, designers want to have a number of options to choose from. This one mostly deals with sidebar menu while containing one or two top headers that goes along well.

With so many aspects to deal with in a website, menu layout is what holds all together. Its not even a question why one should have navigation menu. Not only in terms of SEO optimization but also to provide better user experience its a compulsory thing to consider.

Otherwise, good luck creating document with every url of destined page and finding viewers who will even consider having a look. So with all being said, we went across a number of available sidenav examples and summarized best ones for you.

20+ Awesome Sidebar CSS Menu Examples

Moreover, all comes with code or option to download so you can learn by practicing. This is because the sidebar aligns so perfectly with the actual content screen. Maybe the sidebar was exposed to sun just too long so it got tan. The hover effect gives the feeling of spotlight transitioning from one place to another. The dark background and faded sidebar elements lightning up mix up perfectly to give that feeling.

Demo Code. A simple sidebar menu may not be a hard thing to include with few lines of CSS code. However, it becomes an issue when we need a nested menu. A number of sidenav examples deal with this situation but creating a responsive design.

Alternatively, the sidebar menu may offer navigation by poping another container with child menu. Both may work fine but I personally feel this one stands out among all. The reason for this is a great animation effect and proper space utilization. Since the child menu appears jut from opposite side you may not even have to scroll to see menu components. The responsive sidebar menu is a common sticky layout for any application that is a user based login system.

By responsive it means that this sidebar will adjust according to the screen size. For example if the applications is accessed from desktop we will see sidebar component with both icon and label.

We know icons are great way to convey message and provide navigation option. However, people may get close to the meaning but may have a little hard time deducing the exact meaning sometimes.

So, having both icon and label is the best option to provide to users. However, you also need to consider space utilization specially for mobile apps. This example of sidebar solves the problem offering a sticky sidebar with icons and adding css effect to slide the label as you hover through it.

30 Fantastic Examples of Fixed Navigation Menus in Web Design

The layout for this sidebar is that it is present in the form of rotatable blocks. The front face of the block shows the icon. So by default css style we see a block of sidebar menu containing icons for navigation option.

As we said earlier about advantages of having combination of icon and label in sidenav examples, this one cleverly includes that. The adjacent block of the front face contains the label and it appears after hovering with a rotating effect. By the looks of this sidebar menu it seems as if it can even fit as homepage while browsing from mobile.

But a simple problem to do so because of its animation. It will require some space on both sides of the screen.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Update : Skelly, Thanks for your kind example. I'd download your example html, but after download the html file's side bar didn't work there. EDIT - Another example with footer and affix-bottom. The Affix component has been removed in Bootstrap 4, so to create a sticky sidebar, you can use a 3rd party Affix plugin like this Bootstrap 4 sticky sidebar exampleor use the sticky-top class is explained in this answer.

Related: Create a responsive navbar sidebar "drawer" in Bootstrap 4? You can also try to use a Polyfill like Fixed-Sticky. Especially when you are using Bootstrap4 the affix component is no longer included :.

side sticky menu

Learn more. How to create a sticky left sidebar menu using bootstrap 3? Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 5 months ago. Active 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed k times. Codeply-er k 64 64 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Possible duplicate of: stackoverflow. You may find one of the sticky left sidebar menu from these collections designerslib. Active Oldest Votes. Codeply-er Codeply-er k 64 64 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Well I am very late to the party, but as your example suggests on bootply, if you have seen, once you click on section 2, the heading is hidden by the top navbar.

I am facing the same problem, can you help me with it? Especially when you are using Bootstrap4 the affix component is no longer included : Dropped the Affix jQuery plugin. We recommend using a position: sticky polyfill instead.

That plugin is deprecated now, as per the link your provided. Evgeniy Evgeniy 2, 3 3 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges. WadeShuler, its impossible to resolve it without JS as you have to toggle. I skimmed the page at like midnight. He linked to a source regarding affix yes. So it depends on whether he is wanting what affix does, or is he really just wanting a sidebar fixed to the side of the page. I am a firm believer in keeping the source clean.

I do not load any scripts I don't need, and I don't have any code I do not need. But affix, bootstrap affix, not just a fixed sidebar, in needs interaction with DOM, as you understand it cant be resolved without JS. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.Source can be found on Github. Note that inner sidebar wrapper. You can configure sticky sidebar as a jQuery plugin, just include jquery.

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Make sure to include jquery. Integrate ResizeSensor. To use resize sensor with this plugin just make sure to include ResizeSensor. If you choose not to include ResizeSensor. Next you are going to need some CSS just to improve performance and prevent repainting on scrolling.

Sticky sidebar plugin comes with options to configure how it works. All options below are optional.

side sticky menu

Default values are presented below. Additional top spacing of the element when it becomes sticky. Default: 0. Additional bottom spacing of the element when it becomes sticky. Specify a container sidebar to limit the begin and end points of sticky element.

Defaults to the closest parent of the sticky element. It is highly recommended to specify a container selector. Inner wrapper selector of sticky sidebar, if this wrapper is not found inside sidebar element, the plugin will create one for you under class name inner-wrapper-sticky.

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It is highly recommended to write inner wrapper of sidebar yourself than add its selector to this option. If sticky sidebar has ResizeSensor. This option allows you to enable or disable resize sensor feature.

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Most designers would agree that navigation is one of the most critical components of a website. Despite this, it is not always easy to use or access. Traditionally, users must scroll back to the top of the website to access the navigation menu. I recently wondered whether sticky menus makes websites quicker to navigate, and I conducted a usability study to find the answer.

Sticky, or fixed, navigation is basically a website menu that is locked into place so that it does not disappear when the user scrolls down the page. In other words, it is accessible from anywhere on the website without having to scroll. The image below shows the difference between standard and sticky navigation on a mobile device. For the study, I created two test websites that were nearly identical.

The only difference was that one of them had standard navigation and the other had sticky navigation. Forty participants were timed in completing five tasks on the first website.

Then they were asked to complete five different tasks on the second website. The order of the tasks was alternated between users to balance out the familiarity factor. The websites were tested on desktop machines, and participants were not told the differences between the websites until the end of their session. Data was not analyzed until the testing was completed.

The results of the study yielded two interesting conclusions. According to this data, sticky navigation could cut 36 seconds off of a five-minute visit to a website. Of course, keeping visitors on the page longer is only a benefit if you are enhancing the user experience along with it. Forcing people to dig through a website to find something does not qualify as such.

At the end of each session, users were asked whether they noticed the difference between the two user interfaces. No one was able to identify it. The changes were subtle, and none of the users caught on because they were focused on completing their tasks.

Participants were then asked whether one of the websites felt easier to use. Imagine typing a document in Microsoft Word and having to scroll up to the top of the first page every time you wanted to bold a word or widen the margins.

Just the thought of that sounds frustrating. Most desktop software provides access to the entire navigation menu no matter what you are doing in the application. The Web browser is no different; we would find it ridiculous to have to scroll to the top of a website to access the address bar of a browser. Below are some examples of other websites that do an excellent job of pulling this off. Fizzy Software This is a perfect example of horizontal sticky navigation at the very top.

MakeBetterApps Here is another great example. Making the navigation slightly transparent, giving a hint of the content beneath it, is a nice touch. Rodolphe Celestin This sticky navigation spreads all the way across the top, but when you scroll down the page, the design of the menu changes slightly. Also, the designer has taken an increasingly popular approach by making the entire website just one page; the menu links are anchors that bump you down the page.

Some nice transitions and hover effects make this website enjoyable to use. Ryan Scherf The navigation on this website is vertical and only icons. The creativity here is impressive. Web Designer Wall The sticky vertical navigation works well on this website because the menu has only four items.WP Sticky Sidebar plugin will make your floating sidebar menu visible at all times, making it permanently visible while scrolling.

The biggest problem with default sidebars is that they can be seen only when the user is in a particular viewport where the sidebar appears.

How TO - Fixed Menu

If you want to change the CSS style, disable on scroll down or disable on specific pages. Use additional margin top to fine tune sidebar menu position. This is mandatory field and it must be filled! Container Class: Container element class or id. If left blank script will try to guess. It must be element that contains both sidebar menu and content. Usually it is main, main-content or primary. Mostly this parameter is not needed for majority of themes. Disable sidebar stickiness if screen width is smaller than: this feature will prevent the appearance of the sticky sidebar.

Update floating sidebar menu height: Troubleshooting option, try this if your sidebar menu loses its background color. True or False. Plugin integrates magnificent Theia Sticky Sidebar v1. Install like any other plugin.

After install activate. Use additional margin top to fine tune sidebar position. Try to clear website cache, or even your browser cache.

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In some cases, try to save plugin settings before clearing cache. There 2 ways to do it: 1. You can install the free WP Sticky Sidebar plugin plugin on any website you want 2.

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You can buy the Pro plan that includes licenses for 5 domains, or the Agency plan that includes licenses for 20 domains. Check out our plans page.

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Once you purchase any paid plan of my WP Sticky Sidebar, you can use it forever. Support and updates are available for 1 year. You can renew your license each year to get another year of support and updates.

Of course NOT! Just follow our pro installation guide. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

How to Add A Sidebar Menu with Elementor - 2020

Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Translate into your language. View support forum. Donate to this plugin.

side sticky menu

Skip to content WordPress. Description WP Sticky Sidebar plugin will make your floating sidebar menu visible at all times, making it permanently visible while scrolling. Additional Top Margin: An additional top margin in pixels to your floating sidebar. Additional Bottom Margin: An additional bottom margin in pixels to your floating sidebar.

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